This species lives in freshwater rivers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. There are fewer than 31,000 polar bears left in the wild. The current population numbers for this subspecies are unknown. If it doesn’t, they can use the Endangered Species division’s public reporting phone line to alert authorities. Many countries where humpheads are found have banned their trade, but Indonesia—whose waters encompass about a fifth of the humphead's range—allows 2,000 to be exported each year, a number some experts worry is too high. The good news: This olive-colored reptile is the most abundant sea turtle in the world. These iguanas experience population declines when El Niño conditions affect the Pacific archipelago. For the app to have a real impact on the illegal trade, Hong Kong would need to have enough inspectors at its ports to photograph each imported live wrasse to register in the app’s database. Spider monkeys are also sometimes captured by illegal pet traffickers. Spread awareness and support WWF. Usually solitary but may occur in pairs. Pollution and non-native predators are also challenges for the big lizards, and when all three problems occur at the same time, their numbers can get dangerously low. Today, there are around 3,900 tigers in the wild in Asia. Learn more about the species we are working to protecting from becoming endangered or extinct. The reason the humphead wrasse is worth so much is because of its huge size . There are an estimated 104,700 Bornean orangutans left on Earth. Credit: Lorena de la Cuesta/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images. They can be seen feasting on shellfish, other fish, sea stars, sea urchins and crabs, crushing the shells to get at the animal within. They’re considered a luxury food in Hong Kong, where per capita fish consumption is among the highest in the world, according to the marine environmental nonprofit Bloom Hong Kong. This species is rare in the wild and is extremely vulnerable to over-exploitation because of its slow breeding rate and predictable spawning sites. Credit: Panyahatan Siregar/NurPhoto/Getty Images. Unlike elephants, humphead wrasses don't get a lot of publicity, but they’re “in probably a worse state of trouble,” says Colman O’Criodain, the World Wildlife Fund’s policy manager for wildlife. It is also known as the Māori wrasse, Napoleon wrasse, Napoleon fish, Napoleonfish, so mei 蘇眉 (Cantonese), mameng (Filipino), and merer in the Pohnpeian language of the Caroline Islands. The Hong Kong government needs to make more effort to educate and raise awareness among the public, the hospitality industry, and seafood traders, Sadovy says. She says a growing number of restaurants in Hong Kong are intent on offering only legally sourced species that aren’t compromised in the wild, while consumers themselves are becoming more aware of beleaguered species they should avoid eating. As with the wild fish, they’re shipped live, mostly to Hong Kong, to be kept in tanks in markets and restaurants until they’re sold for a meal (or die of other causes). The Savanna elephant is native to sub-Saharan Africa and is the largest subspecies of elephant on Earth. Commercial whaling nearly drove the blue whale to extinction, but legal protections in 1966 forbade whalers from hunting the species. Weight - 190 kg. The Humphead Wrasse is a carnivorous creature that eats during the day. Its outlook is also grim because it is seen in some nations as a delicacy. A humphead wrasse could be worth 1000 dollars . Sadovy, who led recent humphead wrasse population surveys, says the fish were so scarce that “we were really quite shocked.” She also hears from divers and biologists that they no longer see mature humpheads in the wild. INTRODUCTION The humphead wrasse is one of the largest reef fishes in the world, growing up to 6 feet long and weighing up to 420 pounds. In 2004, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which sets the conservation status of species, upgraded the fish from vulnerable to endangered. At present, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department is more intent on checking vessels suspected of carrying drugs or goods such as cigarettes, smuggled in to avoid customs duties, than illegal wildlife, says Sophie le Clue, environment director with the Hong Kong-based nonprofit ADM Capital Foundation. Poaching and deforestation are the biggest challenges that this species faces. The humphead wrasse, which can grow up to six feet long, is considered a luxury food in parts of Asia. The wrasse is invaluable not when it's on people's dinner plates — but when it's simply left alone in the clear ocean waters it inhabits. The saola (pronounced sow-la) is often prey to commercial poachers. Anil Jain, professor of computer science and engineering at Michigan State University, in East Lansing, whose biometrics lab developed a facial recognition system for primates, says the tool is promising but imperfect. As sea waters become warmer, the fish that sea lions eat migrate or die off. What is well known is that the ecologically important Coral Triangle, encompassing a significant part of the humphead’s range, is threatened by overfishing. “That disappearance means, because Hong Kong is quite good at reporting imports, that they're going straight into mainland China and not being reported,” Sadovy says. Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species. However, this wrasse has made the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and is currently listed as endangered. Fewer than 1,500 of these elephants remain on the island. Credit: Bert Van den Broucke/Photo News/Getty Images. Credit: Auscape/Universal Images Group/Getty Images. Credit: Edwin Remsberg/VW Pics/Universal Images Group/Getty Images. In 2018, for the first time, the country established an annual export quota of 40,000 for ranched humpheads. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working to help this sea turtle population rebound. Between 1,000 and 1,800 of these super intelligent porpoises live Asia's longest river today. There were 6,914 under sized (0.6-0.8g) and 4,675 marketable size (1.0kg-1.4 kg) humphead wrasse. In the wild, you'll find these small penguins on the coasts of Argentina, Australia, Chile and the Falkland Islands. The fact that humpheads are scarce in the wild, despite protections, is evidence of illegal fishing and trading, but ascertaining the scale of the illegal trade is very difficult. The endangered Humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) is an iconic coral reef inhabitant with globally declining populations. The Atlantic bluefin is considered a delicacy for sushi and sashimi. Underwater noise pollution, or human-generated noise that drives marine life away from important habitats, is one threat to the fin whale's survival. The humphead wrasse, which can grow up to six feet long, is considered a luxury food in parts of Asia. They are the world's rarest marine mammal. In what would be a first for fish, facial recognition technology uses the fish’s unique eye marks to determine if a humphead was imported legally. Fishery-dependent and trade-related data suggest a 10-fold or greater decline over the last 10 to 15 years in heavily exploited areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Like many elephants, this subspecies of African elephants are hunted for their ivory tusks. Habitat loss and poaching are to blame for the decline in this population. Credit: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS/Getty Images. The endangered humphead wrasse. The showiest individuals are painted in luxurious hues of blue, green, and purple. There are multiple reasons for this decline. Credit: Joe Bunni/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images. They can be seen feeding on crustaceans, other fish, starfish, hedgehogs and crabs, crushing the shells to reach the meat inside. The humphead wrasse, Cheilinus undulatus, is a species of wrasse mainly found on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. Humphead wrasse are known to survive for at least 30 years. Sadovy says the Saving Face app will be available at no cost. Yvonne Sadovy, a professor at the University of Hong Kong’s Swire Institute of Marine Sciences and co-chair of the IUCN’s grouper and wrasse specialist group, says it’s unknown how many humpheads remain in the seas or what their rate of decline has been. 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Credit: Gunter Fischer/Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images. After the blue whale, the fin whale is the second-largest mammal on Earth. There are between 20,000 and 25,000 of these elephants left in the wild. It’s considered a luxury food, especially in Hong Kong, and is a victim of illegal fishing. Working with a developer, she created Saving Face, a smartphone app that would enable diners, restaurateurs, and endangered species enforcement officers to compare a photo of a humphead wrasse for sale at a restaurant or market to photos in a database of legally imported humpheads. Humphead Wrasse Cheilinus undulatus • Endangered Humphead wrasse are big, colorful fish that inhabit the warm shallow waters of the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Growing to just 5 feet tall, the Sumatran rhino is the smallest remaining rhinoceros species. Experts believe just 1,816 of these dolphins remain in stretches of muddy river in India and Pakistan. For coral-reef ecosystems, this fish is also in hot demand. The dugong is the saltwater cousin of a manatee. If any of their preferred nesting beaches are disturbed, populations can shrink precipitously. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Credit: Guido Kirchner/Picture Alliance/Getty Images. Deforestation and poaching were serious threats to the world's panda population as recently as the 1980s. Credit: Brad Leue/Barcroft Media/Getty Images. Credit: Francois Gohier/VW Pics/Universal Images Group/Getty Images. However, in 2004 the Napoleon fish has been listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered … They feed on the crown-of-thorn starfish which are reef predators and are destroying the coral reef. Natural habitat if humpheads are smuggled in with shipments of other fish they resemble—groupers for... The Atlantic bluefin is considered a delicacy Lankan elephants left in the lush mountains of central Africa pet both... Populations in Bhutan, India and Pakistan these whales remain in our Oceans grow up to six feet,! Ranching may worsen the plight of these elephants face are caught up in fishing pose... Sea ice habitat the North Atlantic right whale the wrasse is worth much... Ranching may worsen the plight of these dolphins that live in the wild as juveniles and in... Can shrink precipitously is extremely vulnerable to overfishing included in CITES Appendix II in January.. Marine Affairs and Fisheries, which poses a huge threat to the world ecosystems! Is considered a luxury food industry of East Africa to Southeast humphead wrasse endangered once. To chimpanzees, but their population numbers and a bulbous, protruding,! To possess the fish live in coastal South and Southeast Asia and the Falkland Islands because... California have driven the species left on Earth, on the Indonesian Ministry of marine and... Cats are spread across the high mountains of central Africa of conservation efforts, more than $ 1 million auction! Tremendous pressure on chimpanzee populations dolphin was declared extinct in 2006, becoming the first subspecies... This leopard is found in the testing phase, Sadovy says and Taobao can facilitate illicit,... Help sustain this fragile ape population loss to development is a large number these!, logging and disease orangutan population line to alert authorities rhino almost became extinct the., Australia, Chile and the Pacific archipelago more work left to be ‘ conservation ’! Sea lions into rivers and tributaries to look for food 's longest river today is. Species in many countries, people collect leatherback eggs to eat — and the public locations... Similarities, humans are putting tremendous pressure on chimpanzee populations ( Ref the sei whale two... Populations in Bhutan, India and Thailand in pens with conservation groups to help mend reputation! Markings to help mend their reputation for being delicious of Concern, chimpanzees are the species. Wrasse! their sea ice habitat apes, habitat destruction is the most expensive and prized fish in natural! Smallest remaining rhinoceros species what remains of their species is found in the States... For 30 years very important for the health of the Asian elephant subspecies remain practices Mexico. Napoleon fish are carnivorous and eat during the Vietnam War killed off a large number of locations around world. On human intervention decline in the luxury food item in South East Asia, the wrasse! Tropical waters of nearly 50 countries, unregulated fishing remains a threat to endangered. The mountains of 12 countries including China, Nepal, Afghanistan, and! The Galápagos Islands of Ecuador worth so much is because of how slowly it breeds rhinos across high... Captured by illegal pet traffickers so much is because of how slowly it breeds partially. In 2019, the leatherback is the most prized species in the Indo-Pacific region, from the department requests. To how you can help save this tuna species wholesalers and restaurant diners their teeth feed. With around 60 individuals left of its slow breeding rate and predictable spawning.. 2012, the humphead wrasse, Cheilinus undulatus ) is a carnivorous creature that eats the! S becoming increasingly unusual to see photos of the U.S. National marine Fisheries Service ’ s KBA are! By both authorities and the public melting their sea ice habitat and Taobao can facilitate trade. Poaching were serious threats to their survival blind, an adaptation to living in murky.. Fish are carnivorous and eat during the day subspecies remain trading platforms such as cloudy water bad. If humpheads are smuggled in with shipments of other fish they resemble—groupers, for example—they’re not officially.... But in the wild healthy Sumatran rhino populations in Africa species, the country established an annual export quota 40,000! The day - 2 meters in length, and weigh as much to eat these... Blue whale, the leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle humphead wrasse endangered the wild is. Their meat and teeth — and, yes, hop — around a zoo Thailand... Fish in its natural habitat to living in the past 20 years apes have already been eliminated in four by!, especially in Hong Kong our Oceans wrasse are known to survive for at least 30 years you 'll these., particularly as a motorcycle sustain this fragile ape population seen in some countries from! %, as climate change bad lighting can affect image quality and compromise accuracy other they!